Many thriving research environments within a wide range of areas can be found at faculty.  Research at Biomedical Engineering, Rangsit University serves several tracks includes;

  •   - Biosignal and Image Processing

  •   -  Medical Instrumentation

  •   - Clinical Engineering

  •   - Medical Robotics

  •   - Medical Information and  Management Technology

  •   - Biophysics  and  Medical Optics

  •   - Biomaterials and Bio-inspired Materials


Innovation Prototypes and Products


  • Electrical Safety Tester for Medical Devices

  • Home Use Neck Traction with Pneumatic System

  • The Electrical Output  Power Verification Device for Electrical Surgery Apparatus

  • The Defibrillator Tester

  • The Control System of Electrical Wheel Chair Using Accelerometer Sensor

  • The Infusion Pump Calibrator

  • Non Invasive Blood Glucose Meter

  • Median Cubital Vein Transluminator

  • Dental Root Apex Locator Electrical Walker with Mecanum Wheel

  • Computerized Management System for Medical Applications

  • Natural Rubber Pillow for Wellness and Spa Business

  • 3D-Photo Capture Device

  • Negative Pressure  Device for Wound Therapy

  • Biopolymer for Medical Applications

  • Poy-Hydroxy Alkanoate/ Grapheme Nano Fibers Filters for Urinary Proteomics Tests

  • Fluorescence Microscope Device Applied on Mobile Phone

  • Confocal Microscope with DMD Device

  • Optical Device for Refraction Index Measurement by Fraunhofer lines using the light Refraction Through a Prism

  • Optical Device for Digital Portable Laryngoscope