Description: This research track is Biomedical Device involves the research and development of prototypes of instruments and medical devices and develops technology and / or innovation for the biomedical instrument


Researcher:  1. Assoc. Prof. Nuntachai  Thongpance                   
                     2. Thawat Kaewgun
                     3. Assist. Prof.Thanakorn Yooto
                    4. Dr.Jaroonrat Parinyakoop
                     5. Assoc.Prof.Preya Anupongongarch


Research Scope:
Medical Device Research
1.1 Medical Device for Diagnosis, Prevention, Monitoring, Medical Surveillance
1.2 Medical devices for medical treatment or relief, palliative care or human life support.
1.3 Medical devices for the replacement, adaptation, support or support of the anatomy or the physiological processes of the human body.
1.4 Medical laboratory equipment
1.5 Scientific sports equipment
1.6 Tools for calibration or validation of medical devices or equipment.